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Update... [Oct. 17th, 2008|08:36 am]


not where I want to be.... grrrr...  the loss is so incredibly slow...  I think snails in wheelchairs going up hill racing the molasses in a January blizzard might be quicker.

At the very least I am not gaining but remaining too stable for my liking.   Over the past two weeks I have been about 177.8 both weeks...  this morning after working out at the gym... 175.8.  1 lb average a week??  Gahhh... i need to rethink my points.  That has to be where all the extra is coming from.   Will do.  sooner rather than later.    I have until the halloween party to get back down to 170 ish.  That is my goal...    not going to happen but... I might make 172 by next weekend and that I could live with.   So i will shoot at 170 and be happy either way.  :)