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buckling down... again [Sep. 18th, 2008|02:06 pm]


I found myself face to face with a box of donuts last night. I ate two. Urh. I never should have bought them in the first place. I got mad at myself about it, threw them away...
And decided, not for the first time, that I have to get serious and actually TRY again.
A minor slip up of "I was at my grandma's birthday party and ended up having a bigger piece of cake than I should have" is one thing. Buying a dozen donuts for no reason except gluttony is off the deep end.

So... back on the wagon.
I am 197.6. I've been good ENOUGH over the last few months to not get back over 200. My Short term goal is 185 by New Years. That is 12.6 lbs in 15 weeks. Should be more than doable. Hell, they claim you can lose 30 lbs in that amount of time. But I'm taking into account the Holidays.

[User Picture]From: ciaranmacleod
2008-09-18 10:35 pm (UTC)
I have done the donut thing.... it aint purdy.
Here is how i handle that. If I am currently craving donuts or anything else. I go and buy 1. If this is something that has moved from a want to a 'gotta have' I get up off the couch, drive the 3 or 4 miles to the store, buy 1 donut, drive all the way home, sit down and eat it. If I cant do that.... if its just too much bother to go get one? Then I really didnt want one. :)

Your goal is a solid goal and totally atainable. Good thinking about taking into consideration the holidays. There are always too many parties that time of year.

*hugs* make informed choices. Keep strong. You can do it.
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